NFL: Don’t Do Bounties

The New Orleans Saints were caught with a bounty program in which they paid players to actively seek to injure opposing quarterbacks (and perhaps other players). That is disgusting. What makes me happy is that the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, did not take it.

He handed their head coach, Sean Payton, a year’s suspension without pay. That same coach is apparently “beside himself” because he expected to only get suspended for four games. Guess what? If you lie, think you are above the rules, and knowingly try to cover up blatant violations of those rules… all while actively endorsing a plan that intentionally seeks to injure players in the NFL and potentially end other people’s careers, you absolutely don’t deserve to coach in the NFL. I honestly think he should be banned from the NFL. It’s just a disgusting violation of the rules, and it’s not a violation that doesn’t hurt anyone but actually sought to hurt people. I’m horrified.

Goodell also stripped the Saints of two second round picks, which is another fitting punishment. He suspended their GM for 8 games, and their assistant coach for 6. The message has been sent.


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