Money: It’s weird.

Does anyone else stop and think about how extraordinarily strange money is? I go to a store, I hand them some random hunks of metal with some dude’s face on it along with some random pieces of cloth/paper and then I get food/a book/etc. It’s just weird!

And really, why does money have any value? It’s not backed by gold anymore. It’s just fictitious. It has value because we keep giving people are stuff/work in exchange for these rather useless objects. I mean do you ever think that maybe one day you’ll wake up and everyone will have realized that all this stuff is really just worthless and that they don’t feel like giving you their shirt or produce or the like in exchange for it?

I don’t know. I guess it just weirds me out a little bit. Hopefully not too many people decide money is weird. I’m not sure I have many talents to barter.

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