Why I love the Library

I love you, oh Library, I love you I do

You bring me the books, I enjoy them too!

I find recommendations online from a friend

Reserve them, check out, renew, a Godsend!

Okay, so there’s why I’m not a poet. Anyway, I really love the Library. I find it amazing that I can see a book recommendation from a friend, search the book at my local library system, reserve it, walk in and out all in about 5 minutes, and boom! New book to read.

Here’s an example: with the political season underway, I decided to do some research on gun control. I know, it’s not a huge issue in the elections coming up, but I thought why not, I could stand to learn more! Boom, tons of books available instantly at my local library. How awesome is that?

Another example: a friend mentioned a steampunk book he really liked. I love that genre and thought, why not, I would love to read something steampunk. Local library had it. I reserved it and picked it up the next day!

So it seems to me that whether you’re using it for research or casual reading, your local library is the place to be. Do it!

Talk about something worth your tax dollars.

Support your local library, my friends!

6 thoughts on “Why I love the Library

  1. jfberry says:

    I’m also a big fan of steampunk- I’ve got several novels in that genre on my Kindle. I used to go to my local library at least twice a month, but I haven’t been in quite a while (not long ago they closed all the branches but one, so we only have the main library uptown now). Thank you for the reminder. I’ll plan on a return visit soon.

  2. jfberry says:

    I apologize for taking so long to reply, but it’s been a little crazy here lately. I have been a fan of fantasy and science fiction since I was a teenager (I am 57 now). Among the imaginative tales I read back then were the novels of Wells and Verne. Also att that time many of those works were being made into movies- The Time Machine, The First Men in the Moon, The Mysterious Island. When I discovered that new titles of this type were being written I was delighted. I haven’t read as many steampunk stories as I would like (I tend to read mostly non-fiction these days) I have enjoyed those I have read. If I recall, my first book in the genre was The Two Georges by Harry Turtledove- my favorite author- and Richard Dreyfuss, the actor. I have more recently read the two Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novels by Pip Ballentine and Tee Morris. Next I plan to read Steampunk Holmes because Holmes is another of my literary obsessions. I have been able to get several steampunk books very cheap or even free through Amazon. I finally broke down and got myself a Kindle last summer, and now I wonder why I waited so long. So I have several titles waiting for me if I ever find the time!

  3. jfberry says:

    Here is one the resources I use to find free or bargain books on Kindle:


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