Thoughts on Prego’s “Bacon Provolone” Pasta Sauce

I’m a picky eater, much to the distress of my wife. One thing I do find, however, is that bacon is pretty much always awesome. She recently made me some cinnamon rolls with bacon inside them. Delicious.

Enter pasta. Now, I already said I’m picky, so that makes it hard for me to really enjoy pasta. I like a variety of sauces, but I don’t like anything too crazy… once we start to add too many green things or, heaven forbid, something horrifying like shrimp, I’m out. I don’t want to touch that. So how do we make pasta exciting? Well, I usually use liberal amounts of crushed red pepper. Yum. But then I saw a new Prego pasta sauce: “Bacon Provolone.” Uh… what!? I had to try it. I bought it and brought it home. We tried it shortly thereafter.

First, I’d say it isn’t what I thought at all. I figured it would either be amazing or terrible. It’s basically right in the middle. On a scale of 1-10 with 5 being truly average (i.e. don’t think of it as % in school), I’d give it a 5.5. It’s nothing to write home about, but it’s not like I want to scrape my taste buds off with a razor afterwards or anything. It tastes like… well, tomatoes with some bacon and provolone cheese thrown in.

Second, why the smoke flavoring? I don’t really like smoke flavoring. For one thing, how on earth do you make smoke flavoring? Do they just burn something and mix it into my food? That is creepy. For another thing, it just really doesn’t taste that great. I take a bite and think “Great, I’m eating smoke.” Not wonderful. The sauce would have been better without it.

Third, how is this not amazing? I think that what it needs is to be in an alfredo (mmm… alfredo!). I would imagine that bacon thrown into some alfredo sauce would actually be quite amazing. The problem is that I try to get veggie servings out of my pasta sauce (because vegetables are disgusting), so I try to get tomato-based stuff. What a dilemma!

Well, that’s pretty much it. Have you tried it? Are you going to now because you can’t resist seeing what it’s like? Better yet, do you know of some amazing, readily available pasta sauce that I would love (remember: it needs to be available at major retailers and also have servings of veggies!)? Let me know… I’m begging you.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Prego’s “Bacon Provolone” Pasta Sauce

  1. Amber says:

    I think I’d rather make the sauce myself to add the flavoring. OR…a casserole/pasta bake and mix in some bacon and top it with shredded or sliced provolone. Then you can nix the smoke flavoring (although the provolone was probably “smoked” for that sauce, I’m guessing) and just have the provolone and bacon.

    You and Kalen are both picky!!! I feel Beth’s pain!

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