Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Awards

I can see the family resemblance.

I can see the family resemblance.

We’ve now finished watching all of season 3 of TNG and offered individual reviews of every episode. How about taking some looks at the best and worst parts of the season! Feel free to chime in to let us know what you thought. There are SPOILERS for Season 3 in what follows.

Worst Guest Character 

J.W.: Alright let’s just admit that Lwaxana Troi (“Menage a Troi“) can take this category any season in which she appears. Instead, I’m going to pick Devinoni Ral from “The Price.” The episode itself was decent, but Ral’s hyper-seduction and assault of Troi (touching without permission, etc.) and overbearing insults toward Riker made it almost unbearable to watch at points.

Beth: DaiMon Tog from “Menage a Troi“- he was just really annoying. [J.W. note- can I point out that this episode gets a lot of hate from us in this awards ceremony?]

Best Guest Character

J.W.: Sarek from “Sarek.” Watching a Vulcan suffer breakdowns related to emotions was moving, and Sarek played the part perfectly. It’s also a great tie in to earlier Trek lore.

Beth: Sarek is the best guest character. He’s got the most interesting dilemma and the characters around him added interest.

Best Character

J.W.: Let’s give credit where it is due: Picard rocked this season. Whether it was as an archaeologist on an adventure in “Captain’s Holiday” or as the emotional outlet for Sarek in the oh-so-aptly named “Sarek,” Picard showed versatility and genuine development as a character. Plus, I don’t think anyone will forget Picard’s final words on “Best of Both Worlds Part I“- “I am Lucutus of Borg.”

Beth: Geordi La Forge between the two episodes he was prominently featured in, his character was developed and his acting talent shown.

Most Awesome Moment

J.W.: The Klingon assembly turning away from Worf in “Sins of the Father.” You may have thought the episode might end badly for Worf, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted the utter shame he was wrongfully subjected to. It seems like an awesome set up for later plot development.

Beth: “I am Locutus of Borg” from “Best of Both Worlds Part I”- it was so epic!

Most “Huh?” or Awful/Worst Moment

J.W.: In “Who Watches the Watchers” we’re taken on an ahistorical ride through the evolution of religions school. It’s rather pointless and also inaccurate.

Beth: The Lwaxana and DaiMon Tog interactions from “Menage a Troi.”

Worst Episode

J.W.: Easily “Menage a Troi.” Absolutely nothing went right in this episode, and it was just a terrible sight to behold. It might be the worst episode in the series so far (and hopefully overall), though “The Child” gives it a run for its money (as does “Shades of Gray” but that gets a Mulligan). Watching Lwaxana Troi is always a way to spoil an episode, and the plot was just absurd. Approximately 20 seconds of this episode was bearable.

Beth: Captain’s Holiday” just didn’t interest me that much. It seemed out of place in the season. [J.W.’s note- I almost picked this one for best episode! I loved it!]

Best Episode

J.W.: I had to sit and think this one over for a while, but I’m going to go with “Sins of the Father.” Season 3 was filled with epic moments and persistent storylines, but here we have something that catapults Worf’s family into the limelight in spectacular fashion and sets up what will hopefully be more thrills in the Klingon part of the galaxy.

Beth: Best of Both Worlds Part I” kept you on the edge of your seat and featured some great acting.

Overall Season Score and Comment

J.W.: I think this season is just fantastic. Sure, there are bumps along the way but it is consistently good television. I give it an A- overall. There’s still room for improvement, but I was very satisfied with this season.

Beth: B+ Despite a few not-so-great episodes the overall quality of the season.


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