Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4 Awards


This picture is everything.

Here, my wife and I offer a look at the best and worst parts of Season 4 of TNG! Feel free to chime in to let us know what you thought. There are SPOILERS for Season 4 in what follows.

Worst Guest Character 

J.W.: Odan from “The Host“- seductive male with plot twist weirdness! We’ve seen this one a bunch of times already.

Beth: Ardra in “Devil’s Due“- she was manipulative and evil.

Best Guest Character

J.W.: All Cardassians. The introduction of this new race and culture in “The Wounded” is a huge step for the series and sets up so much drama later on.

Beth: Picard’s sister-in-law from “Family“- she loves her husband and is committed to him and Picard being reunited as brothers.

Best Character

J.W.: Jean Luc Picard- Time and again it was Picard’s character who made an episode, saved the day, or delivered the emotional punch in this season. Data and Worf certainly had their moments, but not as many as the Captain.

Beth: Jean Luc Picard- he displays a remarkable degree of versatility and acting skills in the range of things that happens to his character.

Most Awesome Moment

J.W.: The ending of “The Mind’s Eye” when Geordi is forced to realize how manipulated he has been through a genuinely good counseling session with Troi.

Beth: When Data deletes the program of his dating life in “In Theory“- it is such a remarkable moment to demonstrate how different he is from other people–he just deletes the program and his relationship ends.

Most “Huh?” or Awful/Worst Moment

J.W.: The “big reveal” of Odan as a weird alien thing that just uses human bodies in “The Host.” How long have they enslaved this species?

Beth: That Picard is escorting Wesley to go to the academy in “Final Mission“- weird that the captain would get sent to do that.

Worst Episode

J.W.: The Host” – Been there, done that.

Beth: The Drumhead“- it didn’t really seem that plausible–suddenly, an Enterprise witch hunt; the end.

Best Episode

J.W.: I debated this for a really long time with myself. “The Wounded” is epic and introduces an entirely new enemy in an awesome way. All Worf episodes were amazing. “The Mind’s Eye” has so many cool moments. But ultimately, I have to go with what was the biggest surprise for me- “Family.” I didn’t like the episode when I was younger, but time and again I’ve thought about it since I re-watched it for this run through. It’s touching, it’s dramatic, and it’s so character driven. Amazing, amazing episode.

Beth: Qpid” – It was thoroughly delightful from beginning to end.

Overall Season Score and Comment

J.W.: “When the hardest part of this review is deciding the best episode, you know a season was done right. A fantastic season in an increasingly awesome series!”

Beth: A- “Star Trek delivers a thoroughly good season. Well done, Gene Roddenberry.”


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