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Don’t mind us, just making an incredibly addicting space opera TV show.

I have been watching and enjoying Babylon 5 so much. I’ve had so much fun talking to longtime fans about the show, too. I realized as I have been watching the series and collecting the books and comic books that I’m planning this for the long haul. So I decided to make this post to be a kind of hub page to point to for all Babylon 5-related posts. Please do not post any SPOILERS on this page.

Plans For This Page

Many readers have already told me how much they enjoy my reflections on the episodes as I’ve been watching the series. I decided to trim the amount of episodes per reflection so I could talk more about them, because the show is so fantastic. Truly, I love it. Since starting the series, I have gone and grabbed all of the official canon novels, as well as the comic books online. I’ve gotten some related works, like a couple books about the whole series. I’m contemplating just gathering all the novels so that I have them because my collection feels incomplete without every single one. Basically, I’m obsessed. It’s a show that is basically captures what I want in a TV series as a huge sci-fi fan. I don’t have enough superlatives. 

Anyway, this page will collect links for all my B5 related content. For now, I’m on my first watch of the whole series, but I plan to re-watch it, read novels/comic books/related books, and give you all reviews and discussion as I go. I’m very excited for this, and hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

TV Series Reflections

Watching it for the First Time Reviews

Babylon 5: Season 1 Signs and Portents– My review of the first season, as I enthusiastically begin my first-ever watch of the show. I highlight some favorite episodes and share some thoughts on where I think it might go. From what other fans have told me, some of the my opinions (i.e. my thoughts on “Believers”) are off of the norm. I especially am surprised by how many people say they think Season 1 is weak. I adored it. I can already tell you season 2 is better, but for me, Season 1 was 5-star television already. 

Watching Babylon 5 for the First Time- Season 2: Episodes 1-11– I split season 2 into two posts, and this is the first. Several episodes in this part of the series blew me away. GROPOS hit me hard with a relative’s health. Other episodes were impactful in other ways. It was fantastic.

Watching Babylon 5 for the First Time- Season 2: Episodes 12-22 The last half of season 2 has some huge reveals and some episodes that have perhaps even greater impact than when first filmed. Watching “Confessions and Lamentations” during the global COVID-19 Pandemic was surreal. “And Now For a Word” is just great television all around. Once again, a number of fantastic episodes, and I loved writing about them and hearing fans’ reflections on them, too.

Watching Babylon 5 for the First Time- Season 3: Episodes 1-4– One of my all-time favorite episodes of any television series was in this list. There’s also no small amount of character building throughout and ramping up of the action. 

Re-Watch Reflections

=Pending finishing the series=

In-Depth Episode Review(s)

“Passing Through Gethsemane” – Babylon 5 and the Fragility of Humanity– I talk about the major religious themes in this fascinating piece of art. It may be the first time that TV has ever touched me on such a spiritual level.

Novel Reviews

=Pending Finishing the Series=

Comic Book Reviews

=Pending Finishing the Series=

Related Works Reviews

=Pending Finishing the Series=

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