“Core Defense” – A fun, surprisingly addictive tower defense game

I love tower defense games. The basic idea of a tower defense game is that you are defending something (in this case, the “core”) with a towers that use attacks or abilities to stop the enemies from getting to whatever you’re defending. They’re a blast and usually fairly easy to play in smaller sessions, which is ideal for someone without a ton of free time for video games. The problem with tower defense games is they can get pretty repetitive fairly quickly. The genre has evolved past this basic central idea to the point where basically every game that comes out as a tower defense game has some kind of twist. 

“Core Defense” has as its twist the addition of a roguelike component. That is, instead of having a campaign that has many different missions, the game has players taking on the same type of challenge with many, many randomized possibilities built in to make each run of the map different. At the beginning of the game, you select a difficulty and a tower. You also get to select other towers and possibly abilities. There are 50 stages (which, if you defeat them all, allows you to unlock “Endless” mode for even more mayhem). At the end of each stage, you are offered a choice between three (or more, or fewer, depending on how you upgrade) options to upgrade and take on the next challenge. These upgrades can range around the core (universal upgrades like all towers getting more range or abilities having shorter cooldowns or manipulating what type of upgrades are offered in the future), towers (upgrading speed/damange/other abilities), abilities that let you heal towers or stun enemies (and upgrades to those you’ve unlocked), or more walls. 

This variety of potential means each game is very different. Do you focus on just a few core towers and then upgrade them hugely, balancing them with abilities? Or do you go for a more is more approach and get as many towers as you can (I think the limit is 7? unsure), hoping to overwhelm enemies with an array of attacks? There are many, many ways to approach this game.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys tower defense games, as well as those interested in diving in. It has a fairly low threshold to learn, but has enough difficulty settings as well as overall options to keep veterans of the genre entertained for quite a while.


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