“The Godless World Trilogy” by Brian Ruckley- An Underappreciated Masterpiece

I love getting recommendations for reading from friends. A book-loving friend of mine recommended the Godless World Trilogy by Brian Ruckley as top-notch fantasy. I grabbed the trilogy on the recommendation and over the course of the next several months read through this fantasy trilogy. Let me tell you, dear readers, I want to pass along that recommendation to you. This trilogy is fantastic fantasy. I’ve kept this post as vague as possible related to spoilers because I want to encourage you to read the series yourself without losing out on some of the twists.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the series is its prose. The introduction to the first book is a masterful set up as we watch a band of exiled people trudging away from their homelands as they are harassed by enemies chasing them away. It instantly set up a kind of empathy towards these people that is used in some rather surprising ways throughout the series. Time and again, Ruckley’s craft of writing is worth admiring. The introduction to the third book features details about watching for approaching enemies by observing how nature reacts. It’s such a subtle, natural scene that tethers the fantasy book into a sense of realism that few fantasy series end up capturing. Ruckley does this time and again, using the shifting of birds, the movement of plants, and other natural clues to viscerally lead the reader into the world of the books. 

What of the main plot, though? We follow a number of people as conflict breaks out across their land. The gods have left the people, and some wish to usher in their return. Unfortunately, this leads to conflict as some peoples’ means to bring the gods back is decidedly less peaceful than that of others. What we get is, on its face, a rather traditional fantasy setting with most of the expected heroic tropes. And, the series largely is that but with such grandness in its telling and elegance of writing that even the times where it may fall into cliché are worth the time spent reading them. And the series doesn’t stay mired in the mundane tropes of epic fantasy. There is plenty that happens that takes twists in unexpected directions. And the earliest parts of the series loom in unexpected ways towards the end. 

If you’re looking for a serious epic fantasy that is incredibly well-written, I highly recommend the Goddless World Trilogy to you. I’m planning a re-read of the series once I’ve gotten through at least some of the rest of my TBR pile, myself. That’s how much I enjoyed it. I think you will, too.


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