The Self-Published Science Fiction Contest (SPSFC): Team Red Stars Semifinalists

It’s a hugely exciting day, because today we get to announce our team’s top 3 books. That means we’ve gone as a group from 31 books down to 10, then down to 3. These are the best of the best, folks. And, as a bonus, I have my own personal choice for a book that didn’t make it based on our group’s votes but that I personally would include.

Dog Country by Malcolm F. Cross

My full review of this one is still pending, but suffice to say this is an absolute masterwork. It’s got all the thoughtful brilliance of The Forever War, but asks even more questions and has better characters. Fans of military sci-fi will love it, and those interested in thoughtful science fiction should consider it a must read.

Age of Order by Julian North

It’s a dystopia in a school with enough twists and turns that it had several judges swooning. The emphasis on justice is strong, and the characters are fantastic. My full review.

Of Cinder & Bone by Kyoko M.

It’s like Jurassic Park but with dragons, better characters, and a bigger plot happening behind the scenes. My full review.


The Trellis by Jools Cantor

Unfettered capitalism meets a murder investigation in this surprising novel. The group didn’t choose this one for its top 3, but this would have been one of my personal top 3. I think it is superb. My full review.

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