“Dhalgren” is my windmill. Help me!

I’ve tried to read Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany multiple times. The first time, I made it about 60 pages in. This time (the fourth time), I’m about 180 pages in, and I’m dragging. What is it that makes this book such a classic to so many? Can you help me? If you love this book, I’d love to know what you loved about it, and why. I don’t mind spoilers. Honestly, I’d welcome them. I want to know what’s happening here because I don’t understand it.

I find the book, so far, almost incomprehensible. And maybe that’s the point? Maybe I’m supposed to wonder what’s happening and why. But if so, great! I’ve already gotten the payoff from the book. Is that right? What else is there going on.

Again, this is a genuine ask: please help me get it. Tell me what you loved. Tell me about the book. Share your wildest theories. Help me figure it out, because I want to finish it. I’ve been tilting at this windmill too long, and have tried to read it so often. Please, please help!

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