100_2724Moving gives you a chance to sort through your life in a very literal sense. You sift through the things that you’ve acquired over the course of your stay in that location and realize: I don’t want any of this stuff! 

You also realize how many of the things have received sentimental value over time. I can’t throw that away, it’s vaguely related to that one time in high school I had fun with some friends! 

It’s a way to sort life out, to have new opportunities, to perhaps weed out some old books to make room for new ones *cough.*

Our study feels more like a study now, and our living room feels more spacious. Baby’s room is getting prepared as generous gifts arrive.

We feel blessed.

Overall though, I’m glad it’s over.

Friends and family who helped: thank you so much. I’m glad we’re settled in, re-sorted, and re-arranged.