Share Your Idea for Star Trek Series- Along with my idea!

q-whoOn Facebook I mentioned how much I’ve been enjoying the “New Frontier” Star Trek series of books. They’re a fascinating look at different parts of the universe that don’t show up in the TV shows or movies. A friend came along and asked what my idea would be for a Star Trek Series (book or television). I decided to write up a brief blog post on it and share my idea with you. I’d love to hear your own ideas in the comments. Here’s my pitch:

I think a series that was set as a struggle against Borg expansion would be utterly fascinating. The Borg remain a kind of open-ended question in the Star Trek Universe. Imagine a series that followed, say, a Defiant Class ship (or maybe a bigger one so they could introduce more characters–but a class designed to combat Borg) as they tried to stamp out Borg incursions in Federation space.

They could also have some kind of modified Warp drive that allowed them to jump around faster and get to hot spots behind the borders or in other places, combating Borg attacks on planets outside the Federation. Some of these planets could be lost, while others would be saved by the crew of the ship.

I’d give them a super nerdy Borg expert–possibly Vulcan–as a science officer, a battle hardened captain (maybe ex-Borg), a first officer with a grudge, at least one Klingon, a Bajoran who has seen a lot of fighting with Cardassians, and more. Medical officer should be pretty unique too–more willing to do things that would combat the Borg.

Ethical dilemmas could be the name of the game–do they do things that would kill more Borg just for the sake of killing them? How do they choose which planets/people to save? etc.

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